Alside Casement Windows

1. Multi-chambered sash and mainframe create insulating dead-air spaces for enhanced thermal performance.
2. PVC vinyl mainframe and sashes are strong so they'll never chip, peep crack or warp. Their color is formulated so their beautiful finish will last.
3. Step-down frame with inner compression bulb seal provides a tight seal even during inclement weather conditions.
4. Fully fusion-welded sash and mainframe add strength and rigidity. Tough, extra-thick extrusion walls provide the ultimate in fusion-welded strength.
5. Insulated glass unit featuring double strength glass with optimal air space improves energy saving performance year-round.
6. PPG Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System maximizes both window energy saving performance and the life of the insulated glass 'system.
7. Beveled exterior sash design enhances installation aesthetics for every architectural style.
8. Metal reinforced operating and locking attachment provides strong dependable hardware operation.
9. Stainless steel hardware provides years of trouble-free hinge operation.
10. Heavy-duty operating hardware allows windows to be cleaned from inside your home while providing smooth reliable operation-even on extra-large window units.

Casement / Awning Windows by Lifestyles™

When you want to come home to contemporary styling and state-of-the-art performance.


Lifestyles™ casement and awning windows are stylish and have functional beauty with energy efficiency.

Their narrow sight lines present a large viewing area, and color-matched locking and operating hardware seamlessly combine easy operation and high security.


Just the simple lift of a single locking handle simultaneously activates a system of multiple locks along the entire window jamb. Our interior glazing bead also deters glass removal from the outside and provides a waterproof seal to protect the insulating glass.


These windows are as rugged as they are attractive. The multi-point locks are combined with heavy-duty weather-stripping and R-Core® insulation in both the mainframe and sash provides superior thermal performance and one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. Plus, a full 7/8" Warm-edge Intercept® perimeter insulated glass is standard for greater comfort and strength. Add optional Hi R+Plus® or MaxuusTM glass systems for even greater energy performance.

Our casement windows feature E-GardTM protection. E-Gard is a chemical, corrosion and ultraviolet resistant hardware that will hold its beauty for the life of your window. And, unlike traditional hardware, E-Gard’s manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. It does not consume or create hazardous materials.


Yet the real beauty of Lifestyles windows is their heavy-duty uiPVC construction never requires painting, caulking or maintenance. The casement hardware allows full opening for safe, easy cleaning, and the screens are removable from inside the home to make cleaning even easier!


  • All frames and sashes are fully fusion-welded and guaranteed to never separate.
  • Heavy-duty locking and operating hardware is guaranteed for life.
  • Insulated glass is even warranted against breakage.