Ventilation Systems

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Proper ventilation is the key to avoiding the damaging effects of heat and moisture in your attic.

What Is Ventilation?

What is ventilation?

You’ve probably heard that ventilation is very important, but what exactly is ventilation?

Ventilation is simply the process of providing a continuous supply of outdoor air to the attic space of a home or building.

What is proper ventilation?

Simply having ventilation in an attic space, however, won’t properly ventilate a home. In order to have proper ventilation, ventilation needs must be specifically calculated based on attic space square footage and correctly installed. Calculators here on make it easy to calculate how much ventilation is needed.

Proper ventilation consists of 50% intake ventilation placed near the lower part of the attic space, and 50% exhaust ventilation placed near or at the roof peak. The exhaust ventilation should be at least 3 feet higher than the intake ventilation.